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The Will Within with guest Joe Roche

My guest today is Joe Roche, the founder Faith and Family Films located in Vermont.  He created this wonderful ministry that allows Christians throughout Vermont and New Hampshire to view faith focused movies in various churches and halls throughout both states.    They have recently had their 1st annual    Green Mountain Christian Film Festival  in 2019 and are excited about holding their 2nd annual festival in October, 2020.   This is a 2 day event and The Green Mountain Christian Film Festival is open to anyone, anywhere around the world and we encourage people to go out be creative and make great videos. Individuals, Churches, Companies and organizations are all encourage to participate. GMCFF is a great choice for submitting family-friendly movies and documentaries. Contact Faith and Family Films for more info.   Contact:       Faith and Family Films - PO Box 91, Randolph, Vermont 05060                        (802) 552-7791                         films@faithandfamily

The Will Within Podcast with guest Gary Zimak

My guest today once defined himself as the Worry Man but now, through his many books regarding worry, he’s helping countless souls break through their stress-filled existence and answer Jesus’ call to Trust in Him! Through my guest’s former radio show, his current podcast on Breadbox Media, countless guest appearances on TV, other radio shows and podcasts, he openings our hearts and minds to the scripture and it’s message of hope, comfort and support in Christ.  It is my pleasure to bring to you my recent chat with the author of Give Up Worry For Lent  (perfect timing btw - Lent is next Wednesday) , Gary Zimak.   Visit:     About Regina Pontes, MBA   Regina is a former Quality Assurance Manager. She’s worked as a QA Manager in the R&D, Entertainment and DOD industries. She’s a former cantor and soloist for the archdioceses of Boston, MA and Los Angeles, CA along with cantor for national functions. She is the Author of a 2019 Catholic Pre

The Will Within Podcast with guest Carey Green

The man with many hats and blessings is the best way I would define today's guest. Talk about being at the right place at the right time throughout your life's journey.   This man has  answered God's call to service which has taken on various forms including from community pastor to podcast pastor extraordinaire!   His daily Christian 5-minute Morning Mindset biblical reflections rivals mega church attendance numbers with his podcast being downloaded almost 30,000x daily and climbing! What a wonderful way to focus us on the words and meanings of Hope, Perseverance, Will and Inspiration! It's now my pleasure to share with you my recent conversation with  Carey   Green ! Enjoy!   Visit:  for Morning Mindset information & Carey Greenbooks  for podcast editing services   P  info on becoming a mortgage loan originator testing   Podcastification show on YouTube

The Will Within Podcast with guest Bob Rowe

Welcome ladies and gentleman to the Will Within Podcast! I’m your host, Regina Pontes.   My guest today has lived a giving life and has been rewarded for his ministry in service to Christ. He has dedicated his work to entertaining the elderly community for over 30 years.  He is the recipient of prestigious awards such as the Giraffe Award (interesting name and explanation), the Mother Teresa International Laureate Award and the International Peace Award.   He is the epitome of the St. Theresa of Avila prayer entitled, Christ has no body now by yours.  Please enjoy my recent chat with the founder of Renaissance Enterprises, Bob Rowe!   Visit:  /