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The Will Within with Donna Cori - Christmas Special

  **CHRISTMAS SPECIAL** From Secular to Sacred Music:   A Dialogue with Donna Cori Since the tender age of 8, Donna had been acknowledged as an amazingly gifted & talented child. After opera performances with Luciano Pavarotti and performance education throughout her teens, Donna embarked on recording contracts and "makin' it in the Big Apple". Once accomplished and married, Donna came to the understanding that utilizing her gifts were much more rewarding writing and singing her praises for and to God.  In this episode, internationlly renowned  Catholic composer and singer Donna Cori discusses her journey and highlights several songs in her upcoming Traditional Christmas Concert information: Where :           St. Wiiliam of York Church,                        Stafford, VA When :            Sunday, December 12 Time :             At 4:00pmEST Price :             $10 ticket, also other                          CDs available on                          site Streaming :