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The Will Within with guest Abolade Durojaiye

Meet Abolade Durojaiye. She talks about HOPE during this pandemic time. How God is also instrumental in perseverance.    Abolade is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Agile Scrum Master, Business Development Strategist and Executive Director of DreamBank. DreamBank is a non profit organization.  Our mission is to bring God-given dreams to reality.  We work with DreamBanker participants to: • Identify “Bankable” Dreams • Create Action Steps • Connect With Resources Bankable dreams are dreams that help you and help others live richer, fuller lives. She is a published Author, who resides in Sugar Land, Texas with her family.   Visit Facebook page: TheDreamIncubator/

The Will Within with guest Jerry Usher

Jerry Usher is a man living his dream. Jerry is a radio host, speaker, founder of Catholic Answers radio show among other existing ventures. Jerry can be heard daily Monday thru Friday from 12noon to 1pm ET on ETWN radio call-in show Take 2 with Jerry and Debbie.   Hosts Jerry Usher and Debbie Georgianni create a welcoming on-air environment so that their listeners feel comfortable sharing with one another their take on the most important issues of daily life. Catholics helping Catholics! As a peer-to-peer ministry, it’s social media for the ears!   Contact info: Take2@EWTN.COM   Twitter: @take2show Facebook: search for  EWTN Radio   Youtube: search for EWTN to find the  EWTN Youtube channel   Instagram: Check us out on Instagram, search for EWTN Radio.