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Will Within - Craig Syracusa

  Host & creator: Walk In Faith show Executive: God's Plan Productions  Craig writes, directs, and produces award-winning films, documentaries, and TV shows. Executive at NET TV wich has received awards from CPA   Craig Syracusa is a seasoned professional and Christian Life Coach with nearly 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry. His multi-faceted background includes writing, directing, and producing award-winning films, documentaries, and TV shows as well as starring roles in commercials and  Criag has interviewed hundreds of celebrities, athletes and influencers about their journey of faith.  Craig has amassed an extensive amount of contacts throughout the entertainment industry, including everyone from A and B-list celebrities to corporate sponsors, production companies, crews, and distributors.   God’s Plan Productions has created thousands of hours of original content, including feature films, documentaries, and award-winning television shows. Our expertise