The Will Within - Ornella Fava

 Welcome to the inaugural edition of The Will Within - The Chosen Edition. Due to the exciting feedback around the successful, original The Will Within podcast, we have The Will Within - The Chosen Edition. Our stories will still include the same elements of hope, will, perseverance and inspiration and now include how The Chosen TV Series has made an impact in your own life!

Our inaugural edition features Ornella Fava of Rhode Island USA, and Anusha Jebahnasam of Australia. Ornella originally formed a FB page to support Jonathan Roumie and his acting and spiritual endeavors. This project now extends to Instagram platform as well. Ornella, Anusha and some other dedicated fans pray the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet for the The Cast and crew of The Chosen (a practice started by Jonathan himself during the beginning of Corvid). Hear all about their page inception and plans for the future.


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